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Perhaps, since Ginny has retired, she will agree to post a few of her adventures. Below are a few of her reflections from a recent email. Of course it had to include, what else? A book!

It is so strange that everyone is back at school except for me. I am making a point to walk on the beach each morning but beyond that, am mostly reading and watching the Olympics. I've never had leisure time like this before. After being gone practically all of the summer, it's good just to putter at home. Besides having fun in various places in New England with family (Berkshires, Acadia Natl Park, Cape Cod), I also facilitated a three day workshop for elementary teachers that showed how to integrate geographic concepts and literature. It was great fun to work with my long-time friend Kristi who is a geography professor at Keene State College in New Hampshire and coordinator of the NH Geographic Alliance (initiated by Natl Geographic) as well as a young man who teaches 4th grade who is an absolute dynamo. My first consulting job was a success! Hurray! I'm planning to sub for our media specialist - will do book talks when I am there. I wish everyone well as you begin a new school year -Love to all, Ginny

PS Here's a short prose piece from Naomi Shihab Nye (Honeybee) that we used at our workshop -- hurray for BOOKS - I have a couple of other things that are equally stunning!

Before I Read The Kite Runner (p. 142) I held it on my lap on the plane in Cairo while other passengers were boarding. It seemed like a good book to read, finally, on such a long flight. I’d had it since it came out, but now the time felt right. Two men from Yemen across the aisle, who had been snoozing when the Egypt passengers first boarded, pointed and said, “Good book! Good book!” Some women from Germany patted my head and said, “We loved that book.” An American man with his wife leaned over and said, “It opened our eyes.” What a surprise! Everyone on the plane seemed to have read it before me. And they were all my friends simply because I was holding it!Maybe we should just wander around other countries carrying books. Naomi Shihab Nye (Not familiar with Nye's work? Click here for brief bio and information about author from HarperCollins.)

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