FCAT Accommodations

A member asked if it is allowable to have the prompts on the FCAT Writing portion read to students with disabilities whose individual educational plan (IEP) team determines appropriate. We are pleased to respond. DOE's response follows.

As is stated in the FCAT Test Administration Manual, “The test administrator may
sign or orally present the writing prompt (topic), items, and answer choices on
the writing test. When reading answer choices, be very careful not to use
voice inflection that might lead a student to the correct/incorrect responses.”
This appears in the FCAT Writing+ Test Administration Manual published and
disseminated to districts in spring of 2008, on page 112, as the first bullet
item under the section labeled Presentation.

We hope that this information is helpful to you and your colleagues. If you have additional questions regarding accommodations that are allowable on the FCAT, please feel free to contact our office by telephone at (850) 245-0478. If you have
specific questions about assessment, please contact Ms. Linda Rhea, Program
Specialist, Florida Department of Education, by electronic mail at Linda.Rhea@fldoe.org or by telephone at (850) 245-0513.

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